QNX Built-in Serial Driver Installation Guide

for Moxa 4 Ports ISA Multiport Board

Applicable Products:
A104, C104+, C104P, C104H, C104HS, C114P, C114HI, CI-134, CI-134I,
                                             CI-134IS, CI-104J, CI-104JS.

This document intends to support Moxa 4-port board, such as C104P, to run under QNX system.

Hardware Configuration:

  1. For A104, C104+ and C114P users, please ignore step 2, 3, 4, 6, 7.
  1. Short JP1 of C104P, plug it into PC and power on this PC under DOS environment.
  1. Execute IO-IRQ.EXE to change its configuration.
  1. Input A700 as CAP address to enter the setup display.
  1. Find out available resource for I/O address, IRQ, and INT vector as the configurations, now we assume the configurations are listed as below.
  2.           I/O address: 280, 288, 290, 298
              Speed: all to normal (maximum speed is up to 115.2 Kbps)
              IRQ: all to 5 (4 ports share the same IRQ)
              INT vector: (None)

  3. Press F10 to save this configuration and quit IO-IRQ.EXE.
  1. Power off PC, set JP1 open and prepare to install C104P under QNX system.

Driver and System Configuration:

  1. Start QNX system.
  1. Modify QNX configuration file: /etc/config/sysinit.1, you will see the description, Dev.ser &, in this file. Please refer to the following instruction to modify it. (recommend to backup the sysinit.1 before modifying it)
  2.           Original: Dev.ser &
              Modified: Dev.ser 3f8,4 2f8,3 280,5 288,5 290,5 298,5 &

  3. Reboot QNX system to finish the installation procedure, the 4 ports of the C104P will work properly under the QNX. 4 more serial ports will be added into the system automatically as below:
  4.           /dev/ser3, /dev/ser4, /dev/ser5, /dev/ser6
              (/dev/ser1 is standard COM1, /dev/ser2 is standard COM2)


  1. User can input "use Dev.ser" at command prompt to get more information.
  1. User can refer above installation procedure to install other Moxa Non-intelligent products.

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